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ANG Mains Charger Micro USB 1A

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ANG Mains Charger Micro USB 1A

Micro USB main charger has a pin wall rapidly charge your phone. It supplies with the micro pin wall charge rapidly your phone. It also supplies with a choice of the plugs that suits your wall socket the.

Small, light and multi-voltage: The micro USB charger is small in size, lightweight and multi-voltage

charger to keep your headset battery and other accessories fully charged. You can simply plug the

micro main charger into the mains supply and connect to the bottom of your headset the

Safe charging: you can charge you’re mobile quickly and safely. The charging depends upon battery

capacity and condition.

IC chip: IC chip will recognise the full charge battery and automatically switches to a saver mode. The

main automatic charger will adjust all the frequencies and voltage. You can charge the mobile.

The ultimate travel charger: This mains USB charger can charge all your favourite brand electronics such as electronic accessories, phones, tablets, power banks, E cigarette vaporizer, and navigation sat PC etc.

Quality product: Compact design, solid construction, lightweight with red led indicator. Designed with an integrated micro USB cable for electronic devices, never lose your charging cable again.

Safe & Reliable: Safety design, smart chip control, automatically prevent when the device battery is full. Mains USB charger has built-in safety features providing protection against overcharging and overheating over current and overvoltage.

Input Voltage:- 100-240v and 50 to 60 Hz 0.15A

Output Voltage:- 5.0 V

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